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We help eCommerce newcomers and experienced entrepreneurs by providing the best practices, the most up-to-date knowledge, and the most useful apps and extensions for Shopware and Akeneo.

We only share with you what has proven its value in our daily use.

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This is how we bring your online store to the next level


1. Analysis

First of all, you should be clear about the current weaknesses and bottlenecks of your online store or your company.

2. Implementation

Then you move on and start scaling your online store or your business exactly where it matters most right now.

3. Routine

In order to remain successful in the long term and to continue to scale, you will take care of how to remain innovative and have enough time for strategic decisions.


It's simple, no matter in which phase you are or what help you need: Depending on your budget, we are available for coaching and implementation or you can use our freely accessible resources, checklists and online courses. You have the choice to move faster with a higher budget or to go through the process yourself with a smaller budget.


We have already made numerous online stores big and are sure to be able to help you in every phase. You will benefit most from our knowledge when your company has 1 to 20 employees.

  • Structure your company: Where are the priorities?

  • Agile Leadership: Scrum, OKRs, etc.

  • Finance & Accounting Best practices

  • Selection of the right online store software or the entire technical infrastructure

  • Implementation of the technical requirements

Our Shopware-Apps

Last Seen Products Slider (Cloud)

You can use this app to create a slider for the recently viewed products and use it via the CMS…

Conversion Booster Plugin

Conversion Booster - a plugin with numerous features that actively increase the conversion of your…

FAQ Manager Pro CRM Helpcenter

Offer your customers the service they deserve. We have developed our FAQ Manager Pro plugin…

Rich Snippet

This plugin allows you to edit the standard Shopware snippets using an HTML editor. This feature…

Wieder auf Lager Benachrichtigung für Kunden

Eine Funktion wie sie bei Shopware eigentlich Standard sein sollte - ein Back in stock reminder. Du…

SEO Error pages and redirects (404, 301, 302 und 410)

Never lose SEO rankings because of 404s anymore! Our plugin is a must-have for every store if you…

Show shipping map on Thank You page

With our extension you can easily display the customer's shipping address when he enters the last…

Login without password, quick login with Login Link

Using this plugin will allow your users to log in with a login link. Users just need to enter their…

Remember Basket

This plugin restores the cart if a user has forgotten his password during the checkout process and…

Review Products without Login or Registration

Shopping online without customer feedback or product reviews is mandatory today.

We build your plugin

Custom plugin development at a fixed price

Plugin Customization

Plugin development


All inclusive, unlimited changes at a fixed price

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Individual development
Individual development
Fixed price
Fixed price
Unlimited modifications
Unlimited modifications

Technologies we cover

We are experts in developing plugins for Shopware 6 and Akeneo PIM.


Create superior product experience

Every e-commerce business is built on product data. We show you under which conditions it is worth using a PIM and have some plugins ready to add powerful features to your community version of AKENEO.


Start your e-commerce business now!

Every e-commerce business needs store logic at some point.

By focusing on Shopware, we follow the market needs for an API-first solution and offer a wide range of plugins and extensions to boost your sales. Your imagination is the limit!

Meet our team

Viktor and Max are digital natives, always looking to make things better. Both have been working in e-commerce for more than 15 years and are passionate about building good software.

Inspired by the idea of providing other e-commerce companies with the best software solutions, our small remote functioning company is growing across several continents.


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